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WRPA has several dedicated Networks that meet on a regular basis and communicate online. These networks provide WRPA members with the opportunity to make personal, ongoing connections with other professionals. Joining a network and using the online platform, you too can increase your passion for the work you do every day. 

Take a moment to check out the WRPA Events Calendar and see if there is an upcoming Network meeting or training that would benefit you.

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Does your network have an upcoming event?

To effectively market your network event, the WRPA office will need all your event information 2 months prior to the event. Incomplete information will delay the publishing of the event webpage and registration form. Submit final, ready to publish copy—no drafts. Please allow a week for the webpage and form to be drafted. Office staff will manage event marketing with a volunteer lead, taking into consideration other WRPA marketing. Please review the steps below to get started:

  • Download the WRPA Event+Budget form
  • Review all items needed before submitting
  • Fill out the from in its entirety, including your estimated budget*
  • Send completed form to the Professional Development Committee (PDC) for approval
  • The PDC will contact you about the approval and CC the WRPA office to post, market, and build out your registration form

*Every Network event is subject to a $750 project fee, which will need to be allocated in your expenses which includes: online registration form/tracking, e-mail marketing, and event calendar posting. Additional fees may apply for additional services. Review our project fee page if you are interested in additional services for your network event.

Administrative Network (Directors)

Administrative Network Page

Aquatics Network

Aquatics Network Page

Athletic & Fitness Network

Athletic & Fitness Network Page

WRPA Member Login Required

Park Resources Network

Park Resources Network Page

WRPA Member Login Required

Park Rangers Network

Park Ranger Network Page

WRPA Member Login Required

Facilities/Rentals/Marketing Network

Facilities/Rentals/Marketing Network Page

WRPA Member Login Required

Programmers Network

Programmers Network Page

WRPA Member Login Required

Student Connections Network

Student Connections Network Page

WRPA Member Login Required

Golf Network

Golf Network Page

WRPA Member Login Required

Teen Network

  • Liaison

Park Planners Network

  • Liaison

Specialized Recreation Network

  • Liaison

These networks are continually looking for new members to participate in discussions about the topics that reach us every day in the workplace. Join one, two, or even three network circles! Make that connection today by logging into your member profile or email the WRPA office at [email protected].

Connect With Or Create an Online Network

Getting Started

      • Log in to My Profile and select the My Community tab to view the list of "circles"  (our online community) and make connections with other WRPA members
      • You can also make changes to your profile
        • Edit your profile picture so members can recognize you
        • Update your contact information so members can get in touch with you

Joining a Network Community

      • Members are welcome to join an existing "circle" (our online community) at any time
      • From the My Profile page, select the My Community tab
      • Highlighted circles and a link to “View all Circles” will appear
      • Click on any circle that interests you
      • Click “Join Circle” in the top right-hand corner

Adding a Member to Your Network

      • From the My Profile page, select the "Connections" tab and choose to browse the member directory or search for a member by name
      • Select “Add as connection”  
      • Once the member accepts your invitation, you can send messages directly or invite them to join a "circle" (our online community)

Creating a Network Community

      • From the My Profile page, select the “My Features” tab
      • Select “Create” in the upper right corner
      • Enter your Circle Name and Description.
      • Click “Create Circle” at the bottom
      • You will then find links to upload a new avatar image for your circle, post a news bulletin, edit your circle details, or view your circle
      • You are now the administrator of the circle – if you would like to give administrative access to another member, please contact the office at [email protected].

Network Community Guidelines

Please note the following when looking to join or create a "circle":

      • Before creating a circle, search the current circles to see if a similar circle already exists  
      • Sorting and organizing your circles may be accomplished by selecting the sort navigation tabs in the top right corner
      • When creating a circle, please be very clear on the title of your circle on what your intentions are: Aquatic Network, 2017 Conference, King County Socials
      • Please observe the Rules & Etiquette for circles when participating in a circle and discussion

Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions or would like additional information about the connections or circles' function on the website, please contact the WRPA office.