The Mickey Corso Professional Leadership Grant

About the Grant

Presented annually at the WRPA Awards Banquet, during the WRPA Conference & Tradeshow in April, this grant is awarded to professionals and students looking to continue their education in the field of recreation and parks. The grant can be used to pursue post-graduate training's such as NRPA schools, graduate courses, or other courses and opportunities relating to recreation and park leadership.

The 2019 Mickey Corso Grant Application is now closed!

Mickey Corso (January 3, 1942- November 9, 1990) was WRPA President from 1989-1990.  As a tribute to Mickey and the professional leadership he provided in the field of parks and recreation, his family, friends, and co-workers have established the Mickey Corso Leadership grant.  Learn more about Mickey and his amazing contribution to WRPA!

If you would like to contribute to the Mickey Corso Professional Leadership grant and make a difference for recreation and park professionals and students you can donate online today.

2018 Award Recipients
Jessica Compton- William Shore Memorial Pool District
Ryan Daly - Mercer Island Parks & Recreation
John Dunn Tukwila Parks & Recreation

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