Our Affinity Partners

RAVE Foundation

RAVE Foundation envisions a region abundant with free play, where we all work together to use soccer, the world’s sport, to inspire youth and support our brilliant communities. 

We believe:

  • Play is not a privilege. Play is essential to the growth and well-being of all children.
  • A dedicated play space can anchor a community and nurture a child.
  • Through play, everyone belongs.
  • Play brings joy, and joy cultivates wellness.

Our vision is becoming a reality through our 26 by 2026 initiative which will build 26 fields by 2026 in communities where access to free play is limited. Along with providing a place for free play, those fields will anchor programs that support learning, wellness and joy.

WRPA is supporting awareness about the RAVE Foundation 26 by 2026. Be sure to spread the word in your communities and learn more below. Download the social media toolkit to help spread the word on your social media.

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Social Media Toolkit

The National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) Affinity Background Screening Program

Background checks are a necessity for all organizations with employees, contractors, and volunteers who interact with kids and participate in your City or County’s programs. 

Through the NCSI and Washington Recreation & Park Association Affinity Background Screening Partnership, members get access to superior background screening services while also helping their Washington State Parks and Recreation Association. $1 per background check will support WRPA's education, training, and WRPA members.

Connect with NCSI

NCSI is proud to be a trusted partner of the Washington Recreation and Park Association.

NCSI provides the “Gold Standard” in protection for organizations across the country. Our comprehensive background screening goes beyond the limitations of the commonly used “database-only” search.

NCSI Program Details:

  • Customized Online Screening System for your agency
  • Social Security Validation
  • National Criminal Record Search – 600 million records
  • Review of Sex Offender Registries in all 50 States and District of Columbia
  • Thorough Local Criminal Record Search based on developed address history
  • Personalized service and industry-leading insights

Our volunteer and employment background checks are designed to meet the unique needs of cities and counties that rely on volunteers for the continued success of their programs. Contact NCSI today to get started.

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