Stay at Home Extended to May 4, 2020

The one-month Stay at Home extension to May 4th the big thing by far.  Also covered:

  • Yet to see the full weight of this – epidemiological modeling at UW predicts 1000+ deaths in our state – would be worse if didn’t do this
  • Referenced a chart showing Washington’s rate of COVID-19 cases slowing considerably COMPARED to the likes of NY, New Jersey
  • Said the epidemiologists show a rate of slowing in the 80% range – 80% fewer cases than if had not acted
  • Believes in next 4 weeks could see millions of masks being produced – couldn’t tell if that was national or WA state figure
  • Mentioned an arrangement where incarcerated inmates helping with the production of masks, gowns
  • Dr. Raquel Bono, in response to questions, noted the state is confident even with an expected surge that it will have the hospital bed and ventilator capacity it needs.  She did express a concern re ICU bed capacity

On other fronts, during Q&A the Governor made it clear he will:

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RCO Application Extention

A Message from Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO)

Dear Recreation, Conservation, and Salmon Recovery Partners:

First and foremost, we hope you and your family and friends are safe and doing well in these uncertain times.  At RCO, staff made the transition to working from home and are fully operational and ready to continue our role as an exemplary partner, helping to recover salmon and protect habitats and develop special places to play. 

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Summary of “CARES” (Coronavirus Aid Relief & Economic Security) Act

Summary of “CARES” (Coronavirus Aid Relief & Economic Security) Act

Relief to Citizens – Direct Income Assistance Payments

  • $1,200 one-time payment per adult up to $75,000 annual income - $150,000 for joint filers;
  • $500 additional per child;
  • Rebate amount reduced by $5 for each $100 a taxpayer’s income exceeds income threshold with complete phase-out at $99,000 a year individual/$198,000 joint filers;
  • Those with no reportable income included;
  • Uses 2019 tax filing year as the base

Relief to Workers – Unemployment Insurance, Worker Training

  • $600/week in addition to other UI benefits – totals 100% wage replacement for four (4) months;
  • 13 additional weeks of unemployment benefits through Dec. 31, 2020;
  • Federal funding to states to waive waiting-period weeks through Dec. 31, 2020;
  • $360 million for worker training and support and implementation costs at the Department of Labor

Small Business Assistance

  • $350 billion for new Paycheck Protection Program to assist small businesses and non-profits;
  • Forgivable loans for eight (8) weeks of payroll, up to $10 million, to employers (including non-profits) with less than 500 employees, self-employed individuals, gig workers (this includes independent contractors, online platform workers, contract firm and on-call workers);
  • Loan forgiveness reduced if a reduction in employees or pay;
  • $17 billion to provide relief from SBA loan payments for six (6) months;
  • $10 billion for SBA emergency grants for operating costs (up to $10,000);
  • Allows deferment on the SBA’s 7(a) loan payments for 6-12 months

Industry Relief

  • $500 billion in industry aid – includes $32 billion for air carrier workers, $25 billion for airlines, $10 billion for airports, $4 billion for cargo carriers, and $17 billion for businesses important to national security (I believe this includes The Boeing Co.). Conditions on aid include:
    • Maintenance of at least 90% of employees as of March 24, 2020, through Sept. 30, 2020;
    • U.S.-domiciled businesses with employees predominantly in the US;
    • Bans stock buybacks and dividends until one (1) year after aid ends;
    • No increase in executive compensation or severance pay;
    • Prohibits businesses controlled by President, Cabinet, and Members of Congress or family members, from benefiting (I’m told there are potential loopholes to this one)
    • Grants to non-profits and businesses with 500 to 10,000 employers – the same condition of retaining 90% of workforce with full compensation and benefits through Sept. 30, 2020;
    • Those businesses receiving grants – no out-sourcing or offshoring until two years after grant/loan term;
    • Must respect existing collective bargaining agreements until at least two years after grant/loan term

Access to testing, treatment, and prevention

  • Requires private insurers and Medicare to cover coronavirus treatment, prevention;
  • Requires Medicare to allow fills and refills of prescription drugs for up to 3-month supply during the emergency;
  • $15.85 billion for health care access for veterans

Hospitals/Health Care Capacity

  • $100 billion for health-care providers to cover coronavirus-related costs;
  • $27 billion for the Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund;
  • $15.85 billion for health care access for veterans;
  • $4.3 billion for federal, state, local public health agencies;
  • $3.5 billion to expand production of vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics;
  • Extends funding for Community Health Centers (such as HealthPoint) and $132 million in supplemental funding for these CHCs

Housing, Homelessness, Food Assistance

  • $15.8 billion in added funding for Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP);
  • $4 billion for Emergency Solutions grants to assist those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness due to coronavirus outbreak;
  • $3 billion in rental assistance (NOTE: Per Congressman Heck’s office, much of this will flow through Housing Authorities for Sec. 8 assistance);
  • 120-day moratorium on evictions in properties receiving any federal assistance;
  • 60-day foreclosure moratorium on federally-backed mortgages and up to 180 days forbearance during an emergency;
  • $50 million in housing assistance for low-income seniors;
  • $15 million in housing assistance for those with disabilities

Assisting law enforcement, jails with coronavirus response

  • $850 million for Byrne Justice Assistance grants for COVID-19 preparation and response, including use of PPEs (see WA figures under state-by-state)


  • Student loan payments are suspended for six (6) months with no interest accrual;
  • Prohibits transfers of funds for the border wall

Some Statewide Allocation Information:

  • $150 billion in aid to state/local governments – WA State: $2.9 billion;
  • Direct aid to cities/counties of 500,000 or more – Seattle, King County, Pierce County, Snohomish County, Spokane County -- $$ figures unknown at this time;
  • $45 billion for FEMA Disaster Relief fund (do not have WA State number at this time);
  • $5 billion for Community Development Block Grants (see WA state numbers below);
  • Minimum Emergency Centers for Disease Control grants through Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program (PHEP) – Total $747.863 million; WA State minimum - $12.756 million;
  • The federal government covers 50% of unemployment compensation costs for state, local, and tribal governments

Community Development Block Grants

  • King County share -- $3.345 million
  • Pierce County share -- $1.87 million
  • Snohomish County share -- $1.831 million
  • Non-entitlement share -- $7.733 million

Byrne Justice Grants

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Learning Opportunity: 2020 Academy Externship

American Academy for Park & Recreation Administration Offers Externship

The Externship Program enables outstanding young professionals 35 years of age and younger in the parks and recreation field to interact with and learn from members of the American Academy for Park and Recreation Administration, and other individuals who attend the NRPA Congress and its associated meetings. Up to four Externs are selected each year, of which two are Ernest T. Atwell diversity externships.

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Stay at Home Order: What You Need to Know

Stay at Home Order: What You Need to Know

  • No more public gatherings – things like basketball games, gatherings on the beach, even weddings, funerals. Emphasized minimizing social and physical interactions.
  • If going outside, it should be for “essential activities” like the grocery store, doctor’s office.  Clarified that you can still do a walk, ride your bike, garden at home, etc. – things that are essential for your own health.
  • Orders all non-essential businesses to close.  Businesses that will remain open have to fulfill “essential” function that is modeled after federal guidelines. Emergency services; health care; child care; critical manufacturing; grocery stores; food and agriculture; critical local governments; courts; news media.  Even those businesses remaining open must practice and implement social distancing rules.
Learn More About Essential Businesses
  • Restaurants can still do takeout as long as practice social distancing.
  • Urges people to comply voluntarily – but also stressed will be enforceable by law.
  • This is our best tool to hit back at the coronavirus and this ensures we can hit it hard.
  • Noted current data of more than 2,000 people have contracted coronavirus and over 100 have died.
  • Indicated this brings more family hardships and economic hardships – his office is continuing to search for ways to further mitigate the economic harm.
  • Emphasized we WILL get through this – there will be weddings, factories will fire back up, people will be able to celebrate the end of this at a favorite hangout.
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Revised Due Dates for Current Requests for Grant Applications


IMPORTANT: Revised Due Dates for Current 

Requests for Grant Applications


Serve Washington understands that organizations are responding to community, employee, national service and volunteers needs related to COVID-19. In an effort to recognize the challenge we are all facing together and provide some flexibility, Serve Washington has amended the timelines and due dates, as allowed within our authority, for the following requests for grant applications: 

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WRPA 2020 Conference: COVID-19 Updates & Resources

COVID-19 Updates & Resources

Last Updated March 16, 2020

We have received some inquiries from conference registrants and sponsors/exhibitors about how our plans are evolving in light of the emerging public health concerns posed by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).  WRPA is closely monitoring updates from the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding the situation in communities where cases of the virus have been confirmed. 

We are currently in the process of planning for a future date, however, nothing has yet been confirmed. At this time, our cancellation policy still stands (April 1, 2020, minus a $20 fee). WRPA will not be issuing refunds until a new date is set. For our vendor-partners, in particular, cancellations will be assessed on a case by case basis. We request all current attendees, speakers, and partners to stay tuned for additional communication before making the decision to cancel. Thank you for your support during this time.

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Our Local Parks Funding Options Bill - DISAPPOINTING NEWS

An Update From WRPA's Lobbyist: Doug Levy

I wish I wasn’t writing this e-mail, but I need to.  Barring some unforeseen circumstances, our WRPA priority local parks funding options bill (ES HB 2625), which was tantalizingly close to passage this Session, is not going to make it up for a Floor vote by the Friday COB deadline.  The bill is in the Rules Committee – and were it to get to the Floor, the votes are there to pass it.  But we are doubtful it will get there.

What I can tell you is that we worked very hard to get this bill out of the Senate Ways & Means Committee last Friday, and had “pulls” lined up for the Senate Rules Committee both Wednesday and today to get 2625 to the Floor Calendar.  We also had strong support from the Senate Floor Leader (Sen. Liias) who spoke to the bill in the Ways & Means Caucus – and had support in that Caucus discussion from Sens. Keiser and Conway.

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Top 5 Reasons to Attend Conference 2020


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Funding Options in Parks Forum

Washington Park & Recreation Leaders Collaborate


In advance of the 2020 Legislative day in Olympia, WA WRPA and NW Playground hosted its first Funding Options in Parks Forum at the DoubleTree Hotel. This well- attended, half-day event included presentations with the intent on having a conversation regarding funding options for park districts, cities, and counties and sharing with one another the various types of funding each agency is currently utilizing.

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2020 "Pottsie" Leadership Development Scholarship Now Accepting Nominations

2020 John C. Potts Leadership Development Scholarship

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2020 "Pottsie" Leadership Development Scholarship, which honors the American Academy for Park and Recreation Administration's former Executive Director, John C. Potts.

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Legislative Day 2020 Update

Good Morning, Everyone!

Here is my usual Weekly Report and Weekly list of hearings – I’d note that on the Weekly Hearings list, with fiscal committees coming down the homestretch and public hearings reducing in numbers, all my recommendations for today (2/10) and tomorrow (2/11) are “MONITOR.”

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WRPA Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program - NEW!

The WPRA Student Connections Committee is dedicated to providing engaging professional development opportunities for students and young professionals who are looking to further gain insight into the exciting field of parks and recreation. One way we achieve this is through our mentoring program.

This program pairs distinguished professionals (our mentors) with a student or young professionals (our mentees) who can benefit from have a networking relationship with a current professional in the industry. If you’re interested in participating in this unique mentoring program for the 2020 campaign please fill out the simple form below no later than Feb 15th, 2020.

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Q&A with WRPA State Lobbyist Doug Levy

Learn About Doug Levy & Legislative Day

What are your primary functions as the State Lobbyist for the WRPA?

As WRPA’s state lobbyist, I’m responsible for helping to develop the annual Legislative Agenda, promoting priority issues for WRPA, and protecting WRPA’s interests to head off any legislation or budget initiatives that are adverse to us. I’m also responsible for ongoing communications with WRPA Member agencies, for keeping local parks officials informed and aware of happenings in Olympia, and hopefully for enhancing agencies’ knowledge of how to move the needle forward for local parks and recreation overall.

What is Legislative Day?

The annual Great Outdoors Day/Legislative Day is a day in Olympia and on “the Hill” where both WRPA and our co-sponsors, the Washington Wildlife & Recreation Coalition (WWRC), can bring a concentration of Members to Olympia to speak with a unified and loud voice about our priorities and about the importance of outdoor recreation and the outdoors when it comes to quality of life, public health, economic development, and environmental stewardship.

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WRPA Agency Member Highlight

City of Spokane Aquatics Gains Best of Aquatics Honor

Image from Aquatics International

Read the Article from Aquatics International

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2020 WRPA/WWRC Legislative Day

Join the Washington Wildlife & Recreation Coalition and the Washington Recreation & Park Association at our annual Parks and Great Outdoors Legislative Day in Olympia!
Help us advocate for our state's premier outdoors fund, the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP), and tell your legislators why Washington's parks, wildlife habitat areas, and working lands deserve to be funded. Never met with a legislator before? Don't worry; we will make sure you have everything you need. 
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WRPA Fitness/Athletic Networking Retreat a Huge Success

Two Fantastic Days of Discussion!

The WRPA Fitness/Athletic Networking Network gathered in Leavenworth, WA for a two-day retreat on November 14–15, 2019. They discussed various hot topics, pain points, and the latest trends in municipal fitness and athletics. There were 21 park professionals present and everyone had a great time learning and networking together. Chelan County PUD graciously provided the meeting location at no charge, just a couple blocks away from downtown Leavenworth. It was a wonderful time to be in Leavenworth, as the Christmas lights were up, but it was not crowded.

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2020 Youth Sports Grants: Supporting Fit & Healthy Communities

King County Parks’ Youth Sports Grants

King County Parks’ Youth Sports Grants support fit and healthy communities by investing in programs and facilities that reduce barriers for youth in King County to access physical activity.

Why King County Gives Grants

Physical activity is critical to youth development – intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially. Youth in King County do not get enough exercise. They face many barriers to playing on teams, joining programs, or participating in outdoor recreation, including lack of transportation and financial constraints. And race and place only deepen these disparities, widening the gap between these youth and their more affluent peers. Through its youth sports grants program, King County Parks is striving to reduce barriers and close this gap in communities across King County.

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WRPA Award Nominations Have Been Extended


WRPA Award Nominations Are Underway

WRPA wants to honor Washington's exceptional people, parks, and programs. We know that you work hard as a park and recreation professional to enhance the lives of the people in your community. We want to celebrate that hard work!

The WRPA Awards Program honors individuals and organizations for their contributions to the field of recreation and parks. We have a variety of awards to help you gain recognition and this year we have made the nominations process much easier. 

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Should there be grant limits for WWRP Trails?

Have you expressed an interest or submitted an application for the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program? The Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) is seeking your input on the possibility of establishing a maximum amount of funding that can be applied for in any one grant in the WWRP Trails Category. Currently, there are no grant limits.

If you could please take 5 minutes to participate in a survey no later than December 10, 2019, we would be most appreciative. We will share the results with the Recreation and Conservation Funding Board to help them make an informed decision about this issue.

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