Spotlight Award - Facilities & Parks

Spotlight Awards highlight excellence and achievements in the field of parks and recreation by honoring the amazing efforts of public agencies and design firms. Facilities & Parks Awards recognize the highest standards in design, development, and renovation of park and recreation areas.

Award Categories

  • Indoor Space - Facilities (defined as having a roof and walls) that have a recreational use component.
  • Outdoor Space - Outdoor areas that have a recreational use component.
  • Trail - Recreational trail or path.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Project completed (fully constructed) during the past two years.
  • Must be a member of WRPA to submit a nomination and to be eligible to win.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Successfully addressed a community or regional need.
  • Demonstrated a creative use of resources, materials or partnerships.

Nomination Process

Selection criteria allow the Awards Committee to honor people, programs, and projects of various scale and size. Agencies are encouraged to submit nominations that resulted in a beneficial, or positive impact on their community. Multiple winners may be selected.

  • Complete the online nomination form, where you will be asked to provide the following information:
    • Contact information for nomination
    • Name of facility or park
    • Year the project was completed.
    • A description of the facility or park.
    • Address the community or regional benefits of the facility or park.
    • Identify the resources, materials or partnerships that were used in a creative way to support the project.
  • Email a maximum of three photos or graphics to the WRPA office for the award category you are applying for:
    • Indoor Space
    • Outdoor Space
    • Trail