Admin: What is an ADA Transition Plan and How do I Write One?

Thursday, January 25 | 9:50 - 11:05a.m.

Session Description:
When the American's with Disabilities Act went into effect, agencies were charged with completing a self-assessment and transition plan, with a horizon of completion in five years. Twenty-five years later, there is now clarity about how parks and recreation agencies can apply standards to recreational facilities and outdoor environments. There is also strong public will to hold agencies accountable for completing their plan to transition to full accessibility. The challenge is in identifying, planning, prioritizing and funding capital improvements to do so. This session will explain the legal and industry requirements for an ADA transition plan, talk about what has to be in the plan and provide strategies that help you write and implement a plan. A good plan is your protection. Failure to have a plan, or a plan that is incomplete or sits on the shelf can be costly.

Need for Session:
While the Americans with Disabilities Act, born out of Civil Rights Legislation, is not new, it has only been in the last decade that the Department of Justice has adopted accessibility standards for recreation facilities and that outdoor technical guidelines have been produced for natural areas. With this information, the industry has an opportunity and responsibility to respond by using this information to build and maintain accessible and inclusive facilities and programs. The community has a rising expectation and agencies must include design solutions in their capital improvement program. Agencies also need an ADA Transition Plan to provide legal protections and meet new CAPRA accreditation standards. Many agencies need help learning these requirements and establishing a system that keeps them compliant with the law.

Roxanne Mills, Pierce County

Roxanne Miles has 15 years management experience with Metro Parks Tacoma. As the Community Development Manager, she led efforts for the agency to re-perform a self-evaluation, build an accessibility and inclusion policy, and create a compliance manual in 2009, preparing the organization to embrace the 2010 standards. After auditing all facilities, an ADA transition plan was created that integrates into the Capital Improvement Program. The plan continues to be updated every two years. Ms. Miles has a Masters in Business Administration and a private consulting business, in addition to her career in public service.