Recreation: ADA and Aquatics: Making Sure Everyone Can Enjoy Your Pool

Thursday, January 25 | 8:15 - 9:30a.m.

Session Description:
Discover the requirements of the American for Disabilities (ADA) regulations. This session will dive into how this important regulation is changing the face of public swimming pools and aquatic venues. We will identify which pools and facilities must comply and which ones do not. Resources will be provided to allow agencies to understand and plan for their facilities compliance with the new Federal regulations. The session will also review the intent of the ADA regulations so attendees will know how to comply with the regulations and serve the needs of their disabled patrons.

Need for Session:Aquatic Venue Management and Planning: Focus on the management tools to identify and substantiate aquatic programming to meet a communities needs while balancing fiscal profitability to ensure a successful and sustainable program.

Dennis Berkshire

Dennis Berkshire has over 30 years of experience in the aquatics industry, with field experience in swimming pool design, construction and operation, and training. He has a strong background in water chemistry and has been involved in the design of automated filtration chemical feed and water chemistry control equipment. As an expert on swimming pool operation, he has worked with several states on swimming pool environmental health codes, including serving as the chair on the Technical Committee for the Model Aquatic Health Code.
As an instructor for the Certified Pool Operator course and the Aquatic Facility Operator course, Dennis has trained nearly 1,000 swimming pool and aquatic facility operators. He has presented numerous technical white papers and seminars to various trade associations including the World Aquatic Health Conference, Athletic Business and numerous national and state park's and recreation conferences.