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Copyright and Licensing 

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I understand the following:

  1. WRPA has the right to modify content, including session titles and session descriptions, for marketing purposes.

  2. I may use the handout materials, presentation, visual aids, and any other material prepared by me for the above-mentioned presentation in any manner I desire, including publication.

  3. Papers and illustrations will not be returned to me by WRPA.

In consideration of my acceptance to speak, I hereby grant to WRPA the right to:

  1. Record, copy, and transcribe my presentation, including oral, written, and visual materials and to compile my presentation with other presentations as part of the event educational materials.

  2. Redistribute my presentation and handout materials in any form or format including paper and electronic formats to any audience.

  3. Take still photographs during my presentation that may be used for WRPA publicity or publications in any form or format including paper and electronic formats.

This release applies only to my presentation and materials and in no way limits my own use of my own materials. Any copyright of my presentation and materials shall continue to be my property or that of any other party. My presentation will not infringe any copyright or include any material that is libelous, scandalous, or an invasion of privacy.

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