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Deserving Award Winners

 Our photos of the week  go to these Park and Recreation  professionals pictured at National  Recreation and Parks Association.  At this year’s NRPA Conference,  Andre Franklin, City of Seattle  received the NRPEMS Achievement Award and Tiffany Johnson, City of Seattle received the Robert W. Crawford Young Professional Award.

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Beezley Burn, Race to the Finish!

How do you Recreate?

 City of Ephrata’s Building  Inspector, Bill Cox is pictured  racing on Beezley Hill for this  year’s annual Beezley Burn event!  
 How DO YOU recreate?

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 Saving Lives, Paving the Way

Spotlight Professional in Parks & Recreation


 Ray Towry began his career in Parks and Recreation as a  lifeguard for the City of Ephrata.  His very first day on  the job consisted of a double victim rescue.  What an  introduction to the field!  After a long career in Parks  and Recreation and heavy involvement with  organizations to help pave the way for future  professionals, Ray will be pursuing a new career this  November as the City Manager for Sweet Home,  Oregon.  Read more about Ray. 

Taking Multiple Responsibilities to a New Level

Spotlight Professional in Parks & Recreation


 Kim Best has been with the City of Cheney for the past  twelve years, during this time, she has advanced from  volunteer to Recreation Manager.  Kim oversees the  city's part-time staff, contracted instructors, an outdoor  pool facility, day camps, after school programs and  senior and preschool programs.  She is even a certified  POUND instructor and teaches two to three days a  week!  Read more about Kim 


Message from WRPA President

Dear WRPA members,

 A few weeks ago, after a 108-year drought, the Chicago  Cubs won the World Series – Yes, miracles do happen!    As Rizzo, Zobrist and Jon Lester celebrated their win it  made me think of the work we do in each of our c  communities.  I thought of all the front line staff who  schedule ball games, athletic program coordinators who  organize athletic leagues, ballfield maintenance crews  and the thousands of volunteer coaches across our  nation who contributed not only to the Chicago Cubs' success but to thousands of young people who dream of professional baseball. 

It is November, a month to give thanks, so I encourage each of us to thank our staff members who come to work each day to serve people in the communities where we work.  Thank them for their dedication to their jobs.  It is these individuals that are helping young girls and boys everywhere fulfill their dreams.  Who knows, your athletic field staff could be preparing a soccer field for play for a future Olympic Soccer player, opening a pool early for a future Michael Phelps or helping young people develop a physical exercise lifestyle that improves the longevity and quality of their lives.  It is easy when coming to work, dealing with the day-to-day issues, to forget the big picture.  So it’s the month of November, the month of Thanksgiving, the time to say thank you.  Thanks to all those individuals in our workplace and profession who contribute to healthy communities—to healthy individuals and support dreams.  As you walk out of work today, take a moment to tell each other- thanks for the job you do!  Thank the profession you have chosen; celebrate the contributions you make!   “Go Cubs, Go!”

Warmest regards,
Cheryl M. Fraser, WRPA President 
Division Director with Seattle Parks and Recreation Department

SBI vs. WRPA Office: Our WRPA Staff, Who is SBI?

WRPA Staff collaborate with the WRPA Board of Directors and Volunteer committees to plan and execute our association’s programs and activities. 

In 2014, the WRPA Executive Board changed the organization’s management model from hiring our own Executive Director and support staff to contracting with SBI Association Management to manage our 2,000+ member association.  SBI’s mission is to provide innovative solutions, event management and
 financial management.

So, when you email [email protected] or volunteer on a WRPA committee, you will be in communication with one of the WRPA representatives at SBI, like Tom Tidyman, Sarah Quick, or Shauna Searcy.  Tom serves as Executive Director and works with the board to guide the staff team and help with organizational operations and strategy.  Sarah Quick manages the area of membership, meeting, and trainings 
for WRPA.  Shauna supports in WRPA’s marketing and communications efforts.  Behind this staff leadership team, there is an entire company supporting WRPA’s efforts to further excellence among Park and Recreation professionals.
Rising to the Top...Congratulations!

Members on the Move

  • Brian Davern, promoted to Interim Recreation and Tourism Manager for City of Mill Creek, previously the Recreation Coordinator for City of Mill Creek.
  • Brian Tomisser, promoted to Recreation and Cultural Services Manager for SeaTac Parks and Recreation, previously a Recreation Supervisor.
  • Nicole Jones, promoted to Recreation Supervisor for SeaTac Parks and Recreation, previously Recreation Specialist.
  • Shawna Davis, Customer Service Supervisor for City of Kirkland, previously Recreation Supervisor for City of Everett.
  • Shon Sylvia, Interim Executive Director for Metro Parks Tacoma. 
Did we forget someone? Are you a Member on the Move? Email us at [email protected].

In the News...

We Want Your News!

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