Two Ways Your Agency Can Help Save LWCF

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Dear WRPA Supporters,

I am writing on behalf of the LWCF Coalition to ask for your help to save the Land and Water Conservation Fund, our nation’s oldest and most important parks and conservation program, which will die at the end of September unless Congress acts. 

LWCF has broad bipartisan support and uses no taxpayer dollars. It is funded by royalties from oil and gas drilling on the outer continental shelf. Regardless, it is extremely difficult to get anything done in Congress. That is why we need your help TODAY!

LWCF’s greatest champion, our own US Senator Cantwell, said last week that she hasn't received many letters from elected officials about LWCF. These letters give her leverage with her colleagues. Senator Murray and your member of Congress have important roles to play as well. Here’s how you can help them save LWCF:

Statewide Sign a Letter

Please sign this letter to Washington's congressional delegation and ask your staff, park board, and elected officials to do the same. Our goal is 5,000 signatures!

Letters and Resolutions from Local Governments

Ask your mayor or county commissioners to send a letter to members of our congressional delegation. A list of LWCF stateside projects is attached for your reference. Please send me a copy of your jurisdiction's letter.


Thank you for your work to protect Washington’s great outdoors!

Yours in partnership,

Joanna Grist

Grist Public Affairs


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