2020 Success Story: City of Olympia - Working Hard Through the Pandemic

Adapting & Evolving on the Fly

Testimonials from the City of Olympia's Community Members

The City of Olympia’s Recreation Department has worked hard since spring to adapt and evolve on the fly. By focusing on what we do best and following best practices for the new health and safety guidelines, we've been able to successfully serve our community during a really tough time. Here are just a few customer testimonials:

"We're really excited for the classes. Thanks so much for putting on great virtual classes. We appreciate all you do for Olympia - you help make it a great place to live."

"During the virus restrictions, we were very pleased with the level of service from the reservation staff, and the facility was as nice as ever!"

"Seriously the Oly Parks and Rec team is amazing and you guys deserve serious kudos for making summer so fun for the kids with all the camps. Overall the camps they were in did so great with social distancing and masks, and we were so happy to have them enjoying activities and socializing. So grateful to you for all the work that went into making the summer camps happen."

Call for Local Success Stories

WRPA wants to share your 2020 successes!

If you have a particular story you would like to share and celebrate please send it to [email protected] to be considered for publication on the WRPA blog and in the WRPAToday Bi-Monthly Newsletter. We know 2020 was a tough year and that many parks and recreation departments have been stretched thin, but we are so proud of how hard those in our profession are working to make this pandemic a little easier for our communities.

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