WRPA 2019 Annual Conference and Tradeshow



The WHY of Work: Aligning Passion and Strengths to Get the Job Done 

Thursday, April 11 | 9:00am - 10:15am 

Session Description:

Staff usually understand what they do for work, but can everyone articulate the "why" of their work? This session will help individuals identify their own personal strengths both external and internal and how to apply those strengths to the work they do to add meaning and purpose. We will outline steps for supervisors to support their staff and staff’s WHY of work which will also create retention and sustainability in the workplace. By using the four basic leadership practices, this will empower you and your staff to better define the WHY of the work which in turn creates buy-in and loyalty for all levels of staff. 

  • Apply the four basic leadership practices to engage and motivate staff
  • Outline intentional steps to create an organizational climate that embraces the need for meaningful work and staff retention
  • Audience Participation/Hands-On Practicum/Demonstration


Lori A. Hoffner

About the Speakers:

Lori has been offering training for positive youth development, community networking, and organizational relationship building since 1997 and has spoken nationally regarding youth program development, employment, and staff engagement as well as multiple community issues. For 11 years, Lori was the executive director of PACCT, a small non-profit in Jefferson County, Colorado, an organization dedicated to the success of youth and community. Lori specializes in positive staff and organizational relationships based on generational studies and research. Additionally, she has years of experience with youth programming, program development, and youth staffing.

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