WRPA 2018 Annual Conference and Tradeshow

"Make a Splash with Wet Playgrounds"



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Date/Time: Tuesday, May 1 | 4:10 - 4:40PM

Speaker: Justin Caron, Aquatic Design Group

Category: Aquatics

Description: What’s a wet playground? Wet playgrounds are a cost-effective, safe alternative to swimming pools large and small. With the right design elements, good water quality, and maintenance by a well-trained staff, wet playgrounds can safely introduce excitement to outdoor/indoor aquatic facilities.

Learning Objective:

  • Identify the various types of wet playgrounds.

  • Understand and recognize different water treatment options.

  • Discover the reduction in staffing requirements and learn new technologies to make wet play areas safer and reduce maintenance requirements.

Speaker: Justin Caron has worked on over 300 projects with municipalities, park and recreation districts, high school, colleges, hotels, resorts, and water parks as they studied, planned, programmed, designed, and constructed new or renovated aquatic centers. He has been particularly active in assisting clients with feasibility, needs assessment, and master plan studies in the early stages of their projects to help them properly size, program, and plan for a facility that is fiscally responsible. Justin received his MBA in 2009. One of the major focuses of his studies was accurately analyzing and predicting demographic and cultural changes and phenomena with regards to aquatic recreation. Justin is an accomplished speaker and author.

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