What's Up with SCORP? State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Planning Process in Washington

Category: Park/Facility Planning and Design | Citizen/Advocacy

Date: Thursday, May 4

Jeremy Jostad, Eastern Washington University
Matthew Chase, Eastern Washington University
Jeremy Schultz, Eastern Washington University
Leslie Connelly, Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office

Session Description:

This session is intended to shed light on the SCORP process, which occurs every five years in Washington State. In order to receive continued funding through the Land and Water Conservation Act, all states must comply with the development of a comprehensive outdoor recreation plan, which is largely built on survey data extracted from citizens, providers, and land and facility managers, both public and private. This session will review the history, purpose, and impacts of SCORP. In addition, attendees will learn how their respective agencies can take advantage of the funds made available through this process. The presenters conducted the 2017 state-wide SCORP Resident Survey for the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office. Attendees will be among the first people in the state to see the results of this survey.