Time Well Spent: Benefits of a Digital Detox

Category: Healthy Lifestyles | Leadership and Management

Date: Thursday, May 4

Bob Brock

Session Description:

Need a little more time in your life? Several ways to “Digitally Detox” (take a mini or extended vacation from some or all of the screens in your life) gathered from several sources will be discussed in this session. You will be encouraged to create a “new normal” and weed out the least important things in life so you can zero in on the most important ones. Good relationships, experiences with nature, and creative time with hobbies create the most cherished and lasting memories and ALL of these take place sans screens. Though the average American spends about 11 hours per day with screens, this does not mean you have to. Virtual friends are nice...but can be distracting from what’s happening before your very own eyes. Digital detoxing is happening all over the world and it’s time we caught up to the trends!