Secrets to Teaching Like a Pro!

Category: Aquatics | Recreation Programming

Date: Wednesday, May 3

Jim Reiser, Swim Lessons University

Session Description:

Have you ever seen one teacher’s students shine while another’s floundered? Have you ever heard parents raving about one instructor but had nothing to say about the others? Have you ever wondered what separates the good teachers from the great ones? In “Secrets to Teaching Like a Pro”, world renowned Learn-to-Swim Professional, Jim Reiser, will help YOU take your teaching to a new level! He will reveal slam-dunk techniques and strategies that you can take home and put to use right away. And not only will he explain them, he will show you actual video evidence from real swim classes!

Speaker Bio:
Jim Reiser is the executive director of Swim Lessons University.  Swim Lessons University is a swim instructor certification agency in which Mr. Reiser founded during his tenure at the University of South Carolina as their aquatics professor.  The agency fills a void--delivering a training program that’s cost effective, innovative, and easy to administer.  To date, SLU is utilized by Park and Recreation Departments in more than 45 states. 

Jim has given over 100 presentations over the past decade, and is a highly sought after speaker for his engaging, practical, and memorable talks.  He has received numerous awards for his work, most recently being honored by the International Swimming Hall of Fame for his curriculum and approach to teaching children to swim.