Compost Use and Organic Recycling in Parks 

Category: Parks/Facility Maintenance 

Date: Wednesday, May 3

Edward Wheeler, Washington Organics Recycling Council

Session Description:

This session will describe why composting is important to our society and explain the benefits of use in Parks and Recreational facilities. We will provide an overview of the composting industry including the types of composters, how compost is regulated, best management practices for use in parks and recreation; and, how the use of compost increases the health of soils (supporting good plant growth) and water holding capacity of soils. Discuss how the use of compost provides a local sustainable process that diverts waste from landfill, reduces impact to the environment, decreases runoff, reduces or eliminates the use of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals. We will also discuss starting a compost program, Partnering with local organics recyclers and haulers as an alternative to disposal, Partnering with local farmers, community gardens or institutions.