Opinion Piece: Importance of Urban Park Land

Puget Sound Parks Should Be Protected and Preserved

Port Ludlow Resident Shares Opinion in Seattle Time Article

The following article, "Protect the legacy of our urban parks, a classic public good," was posted to the Seattle Times on July 22, 2021 and was written by Lee Springgate.

So, when did we reach that tipping point where it’s accepted public policy to convert urban parkland to other purposes? Whether it’s homeless encampments, parking garages, rapid transit, roadways, cell towers, utility stations, or similarly incompatible uses, our park systems are being too easily compromised. Who is looking after our precious park heritage? How did it become so easy for elected officials to cavalierly disregard the vital role urban park systems play in our communities?

When can we stop worrying about our grandchildren stepping on discarded needles and avoiding homeless encampments on their way to their favorite parks? When will all of our public parks feel safe enough for women, children, and the elderly to visit and enjoy?

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