Scholarship Opportunity: Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals

Enhance Your Agencies Recreational Assets or Programs

Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals (SORP) has opened its next round of the Christopher K. Jarvi Scholarship to Advance Partnerships. This scholarship fund was created to help dedicated professionals explore ways to integrate more partnerships into their work to benefit and bring value to parks, public lands, and the communities that host them. The scholarships are meant for professionals focused on enhancing recreational assets or programs and should be focused on training that can enhance the partnership potential of the individual.

Chris Jarvi was active in leadership with prominent organizations working to support recreation and parks professionals. At his request, this scholarship was created to encourage parks and recreation professionals to continue to explore how partnering efforts can help them to achieve parks, recreation, and community goals. Scholarships range from $500-$1,500 and may be used over the 18 months following the award. Based upon the current COVID-19 situation, SORP recommends a primary focus for this round on:

  • On-line training
  • Professional memberships that provide training as well as periodicals that expand one’s partnership knowledge.
  • Potential in-person workshops and conferences that occur outside the next six months.
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The scholarship period closes on July 31, 2020.

For additional information on the scholarship please visit our website.

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