WRPA 2019 Annual Conference and Tradeshow



Play on Player: Overcoming Disability with Play 

Wednesday, April 10 | 1:10pm - 2:25pm 

Session Description:

Far too often disability is associated with being fragile or “lesser than”. The misconception extends beyond those on the outside looking in; people living with disability can be quick to believe their condition is as debilitating as others say. Play on Player addresses the need to ensure everyone experiences play—not only to be active, but to find pride, independence, capability, and inclusion. Most importantly, play teaches people of all ability levels that “you can't do that” holds very little weight; it just means we have to get creative. 

  • Recognize gaps in social equity for integration of people with disabilities in play, culture, and school activities.
  • Identify a variety of possibilities and opportunities to promote an active lifestyle in special-needs communities for all ages.
  • Outline best practices for encouraging and involving special-needs kids in aspects such as school policy, community involvement, travel, and design.


Jill Moore,  Marketing Specialist, Landscape Structures

About the Speakers:

Born with spina bifida, Jill shares her story about how without the overwhelming support of her local community, legislation would have never been written to allow her to compete on her high school track team. Track carried Jill to a full-ride scholarship at the University of Illinois, where she went on to compete on two USA teams, run 12 marathons, independently move to Asia for six months, and graduate with a degree in industrial design. Jill strives to share how other communities can provide this sort of support for those living with disabilities, and how to encourage all to live their best life so that negative stigmas become obsolete, and that we can all grow and play together however differently abled we may be. Jill has recently joined the Landscape Structures team working between marketing and product development to design and promote inclusive play.

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