Student Connections Committee

Our goal is to connect students with professionals in the parks and recreation field. While helping students gain experience, knowledge and excitement about the opportunities that are available to them through our organization and the greater parks and recreation field.

Currently the SCC focuses on reaching out to state universities offering degree programs that directly relate to Parks and Recreation by connecting with students and faculty through campus visits and conference opportunities such as the student summit and a mentorship program.

For more information or to join this committee, please contact:
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Committee Members

Chair - Carissa Ware-Goicoechea
City of Spokane

Katie Herzog
City of Mercer Island

Kim Best
City of Cheney

Ryan Daly
City of Mercer Island

Shawna Davis
City of Kirkland

Chad Harvell
Pierce County

Kellisa Owens
City of Cheney

Megan Vinning
City of Pullman