About WRPA

Washington Recreation & Park Association was established in 1947 and is a not-for-profit 501c3 professional and public interest organization comprised of approximately 1,500 members.

Mission and Vision

The mission of WRPA is to promote excellence of current and future Parks and Recreation professionals through advocacy, education, networking, and training.

The Washington Recreation and Park Association:

  • Is committed to providing leadership through advocacy, education, networking, and training for current and future Park and Recreation professionals.
  • Is innovative, forward thinking and business minded, seeking to support current and future Park and Recreation professionals.
  • Is recognized as an authority of the profession and is an effective advocate for public policy, funding, and strategic direction statewide.
  • Provides information, resources, and advocacy to assist local jurisdictions to position parks and recreation as a vital service that emphasizes the profession’s role in creating healthy communities, quality of life, and promoting economic development.
  • Provides dynamic professional development opportunities, focused on best practices to promote excellence in the profession.
  • Creates and supports effective networks to provide the opportunity for current and future professionals to share ideas, create best practices, promote the profession, and support vibrant public park and recreation agencies.
  • Sustains a governance structure that assures a diverse membership, involvement and representation, focuses on member’s needs, and works for the long-term financial stability of the Association.
  • Embraces a membership and leadership model that emphasizes and encourages involvement and engagement of a diverse community of current and future Park and Recreation professionals.


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